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Dear Friends,

The development of Machine Tools has evolved into the Digital Era. The two most important engineering disciplines, namely the Machine Tools and the Information Technology have merged and the impossible is now in your reach.

Although the first kind of machines known as from 50 years ago could only cut along straight lines, we have now leaped to generation of irrational surfaces. Nowadays CNC programmers have become the Elite of the Order of Manufacturing Industry. The imbalance between the physical and intellectual labor is constantly growing. Every year more and more people are flowing into our Brotherhood and share our belief that the future is up to CNC.

Intelpro-CNC Consulting (DBA CNC Club) became a player on the CNC market in 1991. The lucky number indeed. Since then the company has served the South African market and from the year 2000 the International market space.

This web portal serves you in many different ways. Our main motto is to bring all market players together. We declare that even competing enterprises can enrich and benefit each other through the communication and exhibition of their achievements.

We are here to serve you, your needs are our needs. Let's unite hands in our efforts!

Yours sincerely, George Kochukov.

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