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You're about to join CNC Club!

Let us opportunity to explain, what benefits on joining this virtual club.

Firstly, we'd like to assure you that joining the Club is act of your Good Will.
There are no any of legal obligations carried out of this act.

CNC Club can join any Machine Tools market player.
The only request to new member is that Member must have valid Email Address.
Our confidentiality Policy will protect this information. We will not distribute these data to any 3-d Party. No sales people will contact you if you do not wish so.

Initially, joining Member gets 5% discount off ANY price,specified on our Website.
Well, even most affordable software package costs now-days US$2000, 5% of this price is a HUNDERD bucks Just find it on your driveway

3 Purchases per year will bring you to Senior Membership and 7% Discount.

More than 5 purchases per year will put you in Partner-Member position with 10% Discount Scheme.

There will be more benefits for members on non-monetary base including free listings and advertisings.

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